SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

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SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS provides native Swift frameworks for enterprise iOS app development. The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS includes well-defined layers (SDK frameworks, components, and platform services) that greatly simplify development of enterprise-ready mobile native iOS apps that take full advantage of iPhone and iPad features (Face ID and Touch ID, location services, remote notifications, and so on). It is tightly integrated with SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service.

The download includes the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Assistant that helps building native apps that connect to your backend via SAP CloudPlatform very rapidly. You can also export the binary frameworks and include them in your Xcode projects directly and you can install the command line tools from the Assistant as well.

Swift frameworks are not necessarily binary compatible across different Xcode versions. Please pay attention to the Xcode version that was used to compile the SDK for iOS and download a version that matches your local Xcode installation (minor version differences are usually okay). Newer SDK for iOS builds have higher version, service pack (SP) and patch level (PL) numbers.

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